In depth tutorial for making a band flyer with Photoshop

Photoshop tutorial for illustrated band flyerThis one takes a while to get through but this author does a great job with all the steps he took to make a pretty cool illustrated style band flyer in Photoshop.

Click here for the Photoshop Tutorial


Mobile Web isn’t coming it’s already here and growing fast

Mobile Web Rocketing Stats

Mobile web stats are rising and fast .. read more about that here Site Magpie Mobile Web Stats Post. So what does that have to with events and flyers? Well it means more people are going to find your events on their smart phones. It means more people will see events through social media like: Facebook, Twitter and Event sites that are already widely used on mobile phones. Facebook for example is seeing massive uptake it’s users accessing the site through their mobile devices. (more…)


5 New Free Flyer Backgrounds

We’ve started working with another up and coming graphic designer – Lorianne B. She’s created 5 new flyer backgrounds for you to use on your projects.

As always these are for personal use on your flyers and posters and not for redistribution.


Free flyer background for November

Free gig flyer background for November Here is another great gig flyer background for you to use on your projects. This background is also available on the site builder. As always feel free to use for personal projects and websites but please do not re-distribute or re-sell the artwork.








Three great Photoshop video tutorials for building flyers

I find these are fantastic to watch while on the treadmill or when you just need some new ideas/inspiration to create flyers. British accents also tie it all together. Enjoy!



New Free Flyer Background for October

color strings acoustic singer song writer flyer backgroundWe’ve got a new great background for your flyers today. Thanks to Heather Beck at By Design who created our latest new flyer background. This is a great background for a singer songwriter or anyone doing acoustic shows. If you need any help customizing it or using on your flyer leave us a reply here and we’ll see what we can do.








Free Event Flyer and Website Backgrounds

For you D.I.Y people out there we are putting our flyer backgrounds out for download. Even if you use our backgrounds with Photoshop you should still use Flyer Lizard to share the flyer. Just take your custom flyer, click create and upload it as the background. From there you can still share the custom flyer on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. and use Soundcloud to make a great flyer display page. (more…)


Use Soundcloud with FlyerLizard for better event promotion!

Did you know that you can embed a Soundcloud player in your flyer display page? If not here is the how and why!


First head over to Soundcloud and login. By the way if you are with Cd Baby you can get your audio sync’d up to Soundcloud! Pretty sweet if you ask me. Once you are logged in you can select the “share” button on an audio track and then copy and paste the “widget code.”

Soundcloud share widget (more…)

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Need background images for sites and flyers? Try Flickr!

Like anybody building websites or flyers you always need a great backgrounds and images but sometimes you don’t have much of a budget. Try Flickr! Flickr is pretty much the place to go for people sharing images. But how can you use these images for your site or flyer? Flickr has a little known search option under the advanced search that allows you to search for images under the creative commons license. That means you have tons of images available to use for free!

flickr for website and flyer backgrounds


That’s pretty sweet! Now there are a few things to note.

1) You have to credit the author which you can generally do in the image alt tag so you can keep the image clear.
2) There are about 55 million images so it takes a while yo find what you want, but hey the price is right!


5 Free Photoshop templates for band flyers.

We’re going to start packing up our online flyer backgrounds into downloadable Photoshop files and backgrounds in case you prefer to build them using Photoshop, Gimp or any other graphic design tools. Here are the first 5 free templates. The fonts will only work if you have them installed so you may have to substitute your own fonts in or find similar fonts if you don’t have these.

Don’t forget you can still use Flyer Lizard to promote flyers you make in your own graphic design tools. Just create a new flyer, select backgrounds and then upload your custom flyer as a background, add the “event details” from the top left menu and a Soundcloud track from the media menu and publish away so that your friends and fans can easily promote, share and print the flyers!